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ne system h??ow to fight the virus. During the next 28 days, no ??serious reactions were found, meaning the vaccine s??eemed to be tolerable by humans. Also, antibodies a??gainst the SARS-CoV-2 started to surge two weeks af??ter the injection and reached its peak on day 28. T??he vaccine "warrants further investigation," the pa??per on The Lancec

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t concluded. A phase-2 clinical tri??al has started with 508 volunteers involved. The tr??ial was conducted by a team led by Chen Wei, a biol??ogy professor from Academy of Military Medical Scie??nces and a member of the Chinese Academy of Enginee??ring. There are other two vaccines allowed for huma??n trials in China. They are ShaCoVacc and PiCoVacx

c.??BEIJING, March 31 (Xinhua) -- Fan Changlong, vice ??chairman of China's Central Military Commission, ??and Chang Wanquan, Chinese defense minister and s??tate councilor, on FridayH

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met separately with Guy?? Parmelin, head of the Swiss Federal Department o??f Defense, Civil Protection and Sport. Fan Chang??long said China is willing to work with Switzerla??nd to implement consensus reached by leaders of t??he two countries, enhance strategic communicO

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ation??, enrich military-to-military relations, and make?? positive contributions to the China-Switzerland ??innovative strategic partners8


hip. Fan hailed the?? smooth development of military-to-military relat??ions in recent years and dee1


pening of exchanges a??nd cooperation in areas such as the exchange of h??igh-level visits, personnel traininK

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lin said that ??Switzerland adheres to the one-1

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?nd the results have been put online for3 everyone to?? examine. The Lancet, a rek spected medical journal i??n the UK, pubc lished the results on Friday saying it??v is "safe" and "induces rapid immune res8 ponse." The?? research injected the poteR
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    to 108 v??olunteers. TL
    hey were divided into three groups, eac?F ?h taking a different dose of the vaccinG e. The vacci??ne, classified as "recombin nant adenovirus type-5 ve??ctored" (Ad5-0 nCoV), acts as a natural infection and??k is especially good at teaching the immuU